Get started with our Intro to Bungee class - master the bounce with our Level 1, 2 & 3 classes - have fun at Mixed Bungee

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Strap yourself in for for some serious fun as we give you an introduction to Bungee!

We guarantee you will have never experienced push ups, squats or burpees like this before!

Our Intro to Bungee class gives you a chance to try out some moves while getting used to the equipment and getting comfortable bouncing!

Once you have attended your Intro to Bungee class you can fly right onto our Level 1 classes with a Bungee Membership!

Intro to Bungee is available as single class pass. 

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Learn the foundations of Bungee and practice correct technique while sweating it up and having a blast.

Before bouncing into Level 1 we do require that you attend an Intro to Bungee Class to learn some basics and get familiar with the equipment.

Once your instructor determines that you have a good grasp on the Level 1 movements you will unlock level 2 classes.

Level 1 members can book Level 1 classes and Mixed Bungee

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When you're ready to step it up, our Level 2 Bungee Class will have you flying high in the air, flipping upside down and realising how much fun fitness can be!

Our Level 2 bungee classes are a high intensity cardio class that is low impact on the joints with the perfect amount of laughter!

Be prepared for heart rates to rise and calories to burn while working on your strength, balance and co-ordination.

Level 2 Members can book Level 1, Level 2 and Mixed Bungee classes

Once your instructor thinks you're ready (and if your up for the challenge) you will be get Level 3 Class Access!

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The most difficult Bungee Class available.​

Our Level 3 bungee classes are high complexity, high intensity and include difficult manoeuvres, so we advise you only do one Level 3 class per week.

But as Level 3 you will have access to book Level 1, Level 2 and Mixed Bungee so you still have plenty of bungee options for the rest of your week.

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mixed BUNGEE

This is a super fun class.

Sure to be the most fun you've ever had doing cardio!


Mixed Bungee is just that - a mix of everything!

A bit of dance, a bit strength, a bit of cardio and a whole lot of fun for everyone. 

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